Monday, July 22, 2013

Floortime and the Routines-Based Early Intervention Model

What about Greenspan's Floortime in the context of the Routines-Based Early Intervention model?

Floortime can be used in the context of Routines-Based Early Intervention (RBEI). Often, Floortime practitioners think it's the only thing they should be doing with families, so that would be inconsistent with our primary service provider (PSP) and family consultation approaches. The PSP needs to attend to all child and family needs and needs to use coaching practices (family consultation). Floortime can be what the PSP suggests to the family, for addressing social relationships (one of the three foundational outcomes in the RBEI model), rather like incidental teaching is what we suggest as an intervention method the family can learn.

As the RBEI model matures, I am more and more convinced we should be incorporating parenting strategies, such as talking and reading to the child, behavior management, and effective teaching. I would put Floortime in this category.

Philosophically, I come from a behavioral orientation, and Greenspan comes from a mental-health orientation, but there is more overlap than separation in our approaches.
(In the picture taken from Greenspan's website, I'd rather see the professional in the background and the parent interacting with the child, but this is presumably a publicity shot!)


Crystal Emery said...

I am a PLAY consultant (which is a certification based on the Floortime model), an early intervention developmental specialist, and an RBI trainer. I use the RBI to inform my PLAY sessions and make them more meaningful to the parent. The Floortime model has a large parent coaching component and focuses on the parent child relationship as the foundation for learning for the child. I have found it to complement the routines-based model of early intervention nicely. It has added a depth to the Floortime approach I use with families so my approach has a more well-rounded focus and Floortime becomes more of a "parenting style" that families adopt rather than a specific type if intervention.

Robin McWilliam said...

Crystal, I'm glad to hear that you've found that the Floortime approach as you use it and the Routines-Based Early Intervention model can fit together.