Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Zealand Day 2 RBI Training

 Today, the participants learned to draw ecomaps, they practiced interviewing, and they learned to write participation-based goals. Actually, they were amazingly well prepared, having read many of my materials and tried the practices. Much of this preparation was thanks to Julia Woodward, whom you can see in the picture at left; she's in the back, with glasses. As one of the four practice advisors in New Zealand for early intervention, she has spearheaded the introduction of the RBEI model, starting with the RBI, to Kiwis. The other practice advisors absorbed the material, passed it on to their people, and have been strong advocates for learning about this model.

I have learned quite a bit from the professionals in this workshop, especially about Maori customs, as well as other Kiwi practices. I found myself adapting a well-known saying regarding the U.S. and Britain, when I said that New Zealand and the U.S. are two countries divided by a common language. For a scatological example, bowel movements are bowel motions here. People can be upskilled (i.e., gaining new skills).

I am optimistic about these future RBI interviewers and trainers. Most of them have good interviewing instincts and have been fast learners about the structure of the RBI. It has been very helpful having Jo, Naomi, and Suzanne, along with Julia, to help train. These coaches, whom I trained last year, are perceptive and of course have the credibility of having used the RBI in New Zealand.

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