Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip

I am working with New Zealand on implementing the Routines-Based Early Intervention model. More about that in subsequent posts.

My wife, PJ, is accompanying me on this trip. Today, Sunday, June 23, 2013, we caught up on sleep at our hotel, the Palisades Hotel. After what I consider a typical English breakfast, which might also be a typical Kiwi breakfast (eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, undercooked thick bacon, toast, potatoes) for me, we headed out to explore our environs. We soon ended up in
North Hagley Park (pictured), where we tried not to be too self-conscious with all the joggers and walkers looking frightfully fit and fulsome. Plenty of people walking dogs too; that was more our pace.

A booze shop (yes, open at 9 on a Sunday--civilization!) on the way back to the hotel ensured we were stocked for the week. The proprietor told us this was the first nice day after a week of storms like North Sea storms, which I remember from my school days.

I worked in our room, while PJ read, and then we were off to make sure I could find my way to Canterbury University for my work tomorrow. How did we ever live without GPS? We found a Japanese place for lunch, where I had my first sushi burger. What a concept!
It was hard to keep the thing together, but very tasty, especially since I had pork belly in the middle. Don't tell my doctor!

We walked around the downtown area devastated by the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. Two unfortunate truths strike me about our consciousness about natural disasters: We don't pay much attention to them unless they happen in the U.S. and we forget about them quickly. These quakes were terrible. People died, but the ruination of so much of a city's buildings is also sad.

We walked to Saggio di Vino for an Italian (sort of) meal. The restaurant was very good, excellent service... oh hell, I'll post a review on TripAdvisor.

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